Preparing for a showing

It's showtime!  After all of the time you have spent preparing your Nanaimo house for sale; it's time for the showings to begin.

Once you have inspected your house you are now ready for showings.

Following you will find a checklist of steps to take to prepare your home to show well.

  • Open all drapes, blinds, etc.
  • Air out the house to get rid of cooking, pet odors, and so on.
  • Have fresh flowers in view.
  • Pick up clutter, and empty garbage.
  • Make sure everything is spotless.
  • Set your thermostat at a comfortable level.
  • Remove pets from the house or put them outside.
  • Leave when the house is being shown
  • In poor weather, provide a place for boots, overshoes and umbrellas.
  • Display photos of the house in summer to show landscaping if selling in the winter months.
  • Leave out heating and hydro bills.
  • For those on a septic system and/or well, leave out inspection and maintenance
  • As long as the day is not sweltering, dramatize your open hearth with a small fire, or turn on your gas fireplace.
  • If you have a smoker in the house, empty ashtrays and spray room
  • Turn on lights from top to bottom, even in the daytime;
  • Turn off TV, dishwasher and any other noisemakers.
  • If you leave your stereo on, play neutral easy-listening music very softly.
  • Make beds up with the best spreads, put toilet seats down, display newish towels.
  • If you have time and the right linens set a beautifully-set dining-room table.

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