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5 Rental Home Security Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

 Rental Home Security Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

When investing in rental properties, it's important to take actions aimed at guaranteeing their safety and that of their residents.Events that can damage your property and its occupants include burglary, violence, vandalism, and natural occurrences like fires and floods. Let's have a look at five rental home security tips to secure your property.

1. Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors

Deadbolt locks offer more security than standard doorknobs due to the fact that they are much harder to pick and break into. They come in various styles and finishes, so you can also choose the one that fits your home aesthetically while still providing maximum security.

When installing deadbolt locks, you must ensure they are properly aligned with the door frame and strike plate to ensure maximum protection. It's advisable to contact professionals that are experts in installing them rather than trying to do it yourself.

2. Install a modern video security system

Installing a modern video security system can be a strong deterrent against criminals, as they are less likely to commit a crime on the premises if they know they are being recorded.

Captured video footage can also be used as evidence of a crime if one is committed.

One of the main choices when installing a video security system is between IP and analog security cameras. Analog cameras are typically less expensive and easier to install. However, IP cameras can provide higher-resolution footage and more flexibility when it comes to customization.

Modern security video systems can also be equipped with additional features to boost your overall level of security. For example, they can come with motion sensors that trigger alarms when the sensors detect a person's presence. Moreover, they can be accessed remotely, meaning that you can always see what's going on on your property with just a smartphone or a laptop, even if you are miles away.

3. Implement modern access control solutions

Another way to boost security in your rental property is to install modern and effective access control solutions. Simple keys only provide a basic level of protection. More advanced technologies can help you ensure that only authorized individuals access the property.

For example, you can install card or fob readers that work by allowing access when a specific card or fob is presented. An increasingly popular alternative is using smartphones as access credentials. This technique works by enabling users to use their phones in order to enter the building. This is a safer option than using keys or cards, as somebody who steals or finds a smartphone would have to unlock it before they can use it to access a building or housing unit.

For particularly sensitive areas, you can also consider installing biometric technologies, like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning devices. These work by using unique identifiers of people, like fingerprints or faces, to determine whether to grant users access to the premises or not.

4. Use window bars to secure your windows

Securing your windows is another important step in making your rental property safer. Window bars are metal frames that fit over the window, making it much more difficult to break in. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles to find the one that best fits your windows aesthetically.

During installation, make sure that the bars are securely attached to the frame or wall around the windows to ensure that an intruder won't be able to remove them easily. You should also ensure they are made of strong material (e.g., iron or steel).

5. Install smoke detectors

Threats to your property don't come only from criminals but also from potential natural incidents. Fires are one of the most common causes of property damage and a threat to the lives of occupants.

A smoke detector can detect smoke and alert tenants before the fire becomes too big. This can make all the difference between minor damage and catastrophic destruction of property. It also gives occupants the time to evacuate the property before lives are put at risk.

These devices should be installed near bedrooms, stairways, and hallways, as well as in the kitchen and bathrooms, and should also be regularly tested and maintained.

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